The Blog!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for taking an interest in “the blog”! My name is Katie Alfond and I’m currently in my first professional year of pharmacy school at Northeastern University. I recently had the opportunity to participate in The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) RxIMPACT day on Capitol Hill to help push pro-pharmacy legislation through to law. It was an incredible experience and the inspiration for this blog.

The conference was held March 16th- March 17th. The first day was training for all of the student pharmacists and the second day was our venture to Capitol Hill with other pharmacists from all titles and backgrounds.

I have broken my blog up into different pages for anyone to quickly reference the diferent things I write about in case it helps them to participate in their own legislative days.

The cool thing about policy is that it is never stagnant. It’s always changing, I’m always learning more and meeting people who add to the story. I wanted to get the start of this blog published, but it’s something I’m hoping to continue adding to for a while so keep checking back! IMG_0702.JPG



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